August 2nd, 2005

First day of school

Days off are amazing!

            I didn’t update my live journal yesterday! Ahh! Noo! Haha! Oh well, I’ll just have to do it now. Well, yesterday was an interesting day full of naps and crazy adventures. It was also part of my day off, which rocked. So, it started off normally – getting up, shower, breakfast, hand-off and then instead of an RA meeting we had our exit interviews. I was first with Beth and Josh so I walked over to the office and met with them. It went really well and they wrote a really nice letter. I would like to come back, I’m not sure if I will, but I would like to.


            After the interview I sat down on the couch in the office. Alex sat next to me and Jess laid across us – this turned into RA nap time. (There are some pretty funny pictures too!) We were passed out for about 20 minutes, which was lovely. After I got up I ran around the office for a bit helping to pack up stuff and doing yearbook stuff. At 11:15ish we went over to lunch and watched “The Price is Right” (ohhh, I love Bob Barker) and then Matt W., Matt H., Allie, Jess, Laura and myself went to Dover. We all piled into Matt’s car (there were four in the back… ohh) and we went to the mall. Allie got her ears pierced (third hole) we all bought cookies from Mrs. Fields (YUM!) and then Allie and Jess tried on dresses and undergarments. It was so funny! Jess kept getting locked out her dressing room and had to climb under to get back in. Laura and I were trying on shoes and looking at all the funky things in the store. After another quick cookie stop we headed back to school and went over to the office. I got my girl’s mail and brought it back so Kim wouldn’t have to and then I ran over to Dad’s classroom and to give Scott tennis balls. I didn’t have to pick up the girls, so I went to the office and checked my e-mail and then passed out on the couch again until Dad came. We went to Quiznos for dinner, which was really good! We also stopped so I could buy film and went over to his classroom to pack up some stuff.


            I returned to my room fully intent on going to Xtreme Musikal Chairz at 7:30, but instead I passed out until 9:30. (I did a lot of napping today, can you tell?) I woke up, talked to Kim for a bit and then Matt, Allie and I headed over to play Arena Ball. We had a nice sized group, but there were no substitutes, so we played the whole time. It was a bit hot, but still fun! I was on the winning team for both games – Arena ball rocks. J


            Then we went over to the office and got ice pops and I picked up the yearbook and brought it over to the apartments to have people finish signing it and filling it out. We sat around for a while just talking about random stuff and finally around 12:45AM Allie and I headed back. I put on pjs and made a quick stop upstairs to say hi to Jess and Matt (they were working on what they’re doing for their “Defense Against the Dark Arts” activity today) and then I passed out.


            I ended up waking up around 7ish because I really had to pee, but the girls were running around, so I went back to sleep and just woke up again. I think I’m going to go lie down for a little bit longer and then start my day. There is a rumor of kayaking today and tonight Matt H and I are doing a double period of carwash! Woo! :)


P.S. Today is Liz Cox day! Happy Liz Cox day!

First day of school

It's no fun being sick...

            So, I’m sick. Well, not as sick as I was, but still sick. I woke up this morning feeling totally disoriented and lost and I had a headache and was nauseous. I was also really cold – which is never a good sign in 92 degrees weather. So, I moved very slowly and finally showered and got dressed. At 2:30 I headed over to the office and helped clean the closet and then got the mail with Amanda. I still wasn’t feeling that hot, so when we got back I passed out on the couch for a bit. I woke up a little after 4 and went to get the girls. We had our hall meeting/hall time and then went to dinner where the only food I could get down was toast and an apple. After I brought the girls downstairs I went over to the wellness center and Holly gave me some more Tums and took my temperature. I was 100.8, which isn’t that bad. I had taken some advil around 5ish though, so it had started to kick in.


            I had a double period of car wash tonight with Matty H. and Charissa. We ended up with 34 kids and 8 cars. It only took them an hour to wash and dry all the cars, so for the second hour we played sponge dodge ball/attack people with sponges/fun with the hose/llama llama emu. It went well. At 8:30 we all came back and Kim and I sat in the lounge area playing cards. At 9:28PM the girls were all allowed to take down the Liz Cox signs, which they loved.


            And now Kim has gone to the movies and I’ve taken sleepy medicine. Everyone is in their rooms and quiet so life is good. Hopefully whatever I have will go away tomorrow. I don’t like being sick. Not at all.

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