July 30th, 2005

First day of school

No cruise, but still a good day...

            Well, the sad news of the day is that we won’t be going on the European cruise. L Apparently we didn’t get back to the lady fast enough in time and she gave away our spot. Not cool at all. Oh well, there’s nothing that I can really do about it.


            Anyway, today was a good (but crazy day!) First of all, it was Pi day! That’s right – 3.1415… day! This morning started out normally with breakfast, hand-off and the RA meeting. Then I went to the office to get some stuff done and at 10:30 we headed over to Roses. It was me, Jess and the Matts. We were looking for costumes or neat hair stuff. So, we wandered around Roses, then hit up Rite Aid and some other store just like Rite Aid. We ended up with a few random costume pieces and some hair dye. We returned to school and went to lunch, and then I ran back to the room to get a CD of pictures for Alex and Allie. At 1pm we went and saw “Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi” performed by the staff, which was sooooo funny! Adam did a wonderful job as Radius. The RAs were supposed to do a skit together, so we met up after the play, but no one really had any urge to do anything, so we called it off.


            Then came another trip to the office where I got my paycheck, printed out some pictures and helped fill up about 150 water balloons for Water day on Sunday. At about 3:15 we headed back to the dorm and took up residence in the upstairs bathroom doing hair. Allie, Sarah and I decided to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because we all had the shirts. So, we all French braided our hair and sprayed it with a different color and then wore our t-shirts and a bandana. It worked out really well. Jess and Matt W. were all emo and rocked out, which looked awesome (I spiked Matt’s hair again). At some point I’ll put pictures up.


            We picked up the girls, had our hall meeting/hall time, went to dinner and then came back to get ready for the dance. We headed over around 6:55 and then partied the night away! I was on door duty from 7:15 until 7:45, but it wasn’t that bad at all. After that I dance and danced and danced! I slow danced with Matt W and Andrew (I couldn’t find my husband! But, we did end up dancing for another song, so it all worked out!) Random side note: Alex and I now call each other “wife or wifey” and “husband” or “hubby,” it’s great. It was a great dance – I think everyone was in the mood for it, and that’s why it went so well.


            Anyway, after the dance we returned to the dorm and I found out that two of my girls (who happen to be roommates) are fighting over one boy. Also, two of my other girls are mad at one of the girls because of the boy and one girl was upset because she was excluded! It was crazy! We finally got everyone into bed, but Kim and I have decided that there will be no more sleepovers. It’s over.


            So, the girls went to sleep and then Laura, Sarah, myself, Jess and Alex headed over to the apartments. One suite was having a dance party, so we hung out there for a bit. Then we wandered outside and over to get Matt W. We came back to celebrate Becca’s birthday (she’s 29! Woo!) and had cupcakes! David and I tried to get a Talent show act together too, but that’s a work in progress. We hung out for a bit longer and then Jess and I came back. So here I am once again at my computer getting ready for bed. I hope everyone had a lovely day and dream well. J

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