July 27th, 2005

First day of school

My bug bites are back...

            Well, first of all, I got married today. I’ll explain that later.


            So, I got up and it was the normal routine – shower, dress, get the girls up, breakfast, hand-off and the RA meeting. Then things got crazy! I went back to the office with everyone and started doing tons of stuff. I looked through pictures, tried to find the Grease medley for the Talent show, pretended to clean the supply room and ran around. At 11ish Brendan and I went to visit the writing and imagination class (where our kids are). Well, the first 20 minutes we were there they were writing, so I cut out all the group shots and taped them to the pages. The kids were writing dialogues, so after they were done my Dad, myself, Lauren and Brendan read them out for the kids – it was so funny! Brendan became this southern girl at one point!


            Anyway, after class I went back to my room for a bit and then at 1pm I met Vanessa to begin our yearbook extravaganza! (We had to take all the class pictures) We went from room to room and took not only all the class pictures, but individual shots of all the instructors and TAs for the staff yearbook (we’re so productive!) However, it was sooooo hot that it totally drained us. After we finished we went back to the office and printed out all the pictures. At 3ish we stopped by the Maze game (it was far too hot to play, so we just took some pictures) and went and took the BACO pictures because they were on a field trip. We went back to the office once again to print out the remaining pictures and get the mail. Then it was off to hand-off to get my girls and Kim’s (it’s her day off). We all returned to the dorm for our meeting/hall time and then off to dinner. Now, here’s where it gets interesting…


            Some of Kim’s girls have decided that we “flirt” a lot (Well, it started with Kim, but then they decided that all us girls do) One more little bit of info: yesterday was Seema’s birthday and they had rings in the cake – so the girls took the rings. Well, first they paired up Kim and Matt W. (They each got a ring) They originally paired up Aaron and me and Sarah and Alex D., but Alex “bearded” me, so now it’s Alex and I and Aaron and Sarah. (Alex and I each have matching pink rings and he won’t stop “bearding” me!) For all of you who don’t know: “bearding” is when someone with a beard sneaks up on you and rubs their cheeks against your face – it freaks me out, which I believe is one reason why Alex does it. Anyway, I believe they’ve paired up the whole staff now, which is quite funny because we all have matching rings to our significant others. So, now Alex and I are married.


            Anyway, my two activities tonight were two periods of Talent show with Alex K. (just for the girls). However, about half way into my first period Jeneane comes running in and tells me that there’s a storm coming and that we need to get to the Cove now. So, we run over there and instead of a second activity we had an impromptu dance party! Well, there was a dance party in one room, we showed a movie, and you could make a mask for the costume ball or just hang out. It worked out pretty well actually. I was in the dance party the whole time, and I only danced with Alex for the slow songs (I can’t cheat on my husband). It was hot, but fun.


            At 8:30 we came back to the dorm and the girls showered and got ready for bed. I worked on the yearbook pages and hung out. Everyone was in their room with lights out at 9:30 and Beth came for a bit to help me with the pages. The kid book is almost done, which rocks. The staff book is going to be hysterical though, I’m so pumped!


            Anyway, now I shall return to my e-mail answering, IMing, and getting ready for bed. Thanks for listening to my rants. J

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