July 26th, 2005

First day of school

sleep + sammi = goodness

            Ahhh the amazingness that is RA sleep-in day. There was only one minor problem today – the power blinked at about 5am, so no one’s alarm clocks went off. So, when Laura got here at 7am to get our kids, no one was awake. It all worked out though, so that’s a plus. Anyway, I slept until 12:45PM, which was AMAZING! (I woke up a few times, but then I would pass out again) Clearly, I needed some sleep.


            Anyway, I got up and talked online to a million people for a while. At 1:30 I finally got into the shower and then around 2:30 I got an IM from Matt saying that we were going to Sam’s. So we all headed over there and got smoothies/coffee, which was wonderful. We went back to the office and picked up the mail (My children got no packages today! Hurray!) Then we had our meeting, which was only about 15 minutes. We sat around for a few and then headed over to hand-off. I picked up the girls and we came back to have our hall meeting and some hall time. Dinner tonight wasn’t bad either, but my veggie burger left something to be desired. After dinner we started activities, which were AMAZING! First was Xtreme Musikal Chairz with Alex!


Alexjanderma: anything else we can do to make it extreme?

Alexjanderma: blindfolded!

Alexjanderma: no...

SammiRo: dangerous

Alexjanderma: no, extreme!

Alexjanderma: and dangerous = extreme


            Well, we had 11 kids and completely played it by ear! We also ended up with Jenny, Lauren, Kathy, Josh and Beth, which rocked! Everyone had a chair and every other chair was in the opposite direction. The first game you had to dance around the chairs and if the music was loud, you were dancing big! If the music was soft, you had to dance small. It was so funny! The second game Lauren and I held the limbo stick and you had to limbo under before you could go. The third one had different types of music (classical, rock, line dances) and you had to go along with those, which was also hysterical to watch. The last game we did like the beginning. Tyler was our Xtreme champion (he won all four games). Basically, it rocked!


            Secondly we had story time with David and Sammi. David had gotten this book of old fairy tales earlier that we didn’t know. So, we had 5 kids originally sign up, then 2 joined us from the matty mile and 1 had a headache. Jenny came too. Now, you would think that these stories would be normal…. Nooooooo. We read “The Tinderbox.” One of my favorite lines, “The solider told the witch that if she did not tell him, he would cut off her head. She refused to tell him, so he cut off her head.” It was an odd story, but a good one. However, it was thunder/lightening at that point, so we had to end the activity after only one story. Oh well.


            We returned to the dorm and hung out for a while. The girls got ready for bed and at 9:30 it was lights out! Yes! J I ran around doing some things and at 10:30 we headed to the beach. It was me, Laura, Beth, Matt W., Jess, Alex, Kelly, Andrew and Vanessa. We first stopped at superfresh to get snacks (ohhh… icing and pretzels and monkey bread… sooo good!) Then we went to Betterton. It was a really nice night and we just sat on the beach for a while talking. We played the sentence story game thingy too, but those were some odd stories that we came up with. Around 1am we finally headed back and here I sit finishing this up before I head off to sleep.


            It was a wonderful day. J

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First day of school

A quick note:

Jess's away message totally captures our wonderful night:

Jessica525: Trip to the beach at night + lightning + two cans of creamy frosting, ready to eat (but the chocolate was totally cooler than the vanilla) + graham crackers, pretzels & monkey bread + some awesome RAs + the sentence game + story!Jess for some reason being "lost forever" after abduction by aliens + the story about Sammy the Tiger who wanted a sex change operation and ended up in a small town with the Von Trapp children, villagers hunting for Frankenstein, and Rocky (??) = an amazing night off.
First day of school

Where has all my frosting gone? Oh, I ate it...

            Today was lovely. Really hot, but lovely. I got up, showered, dressed, got the girls to breakfast, sent them to class, had an RA meeting (it was really short – Josh was in charge) then went over to the office to make flyers for the Talent Show. We had great fun making flyers (they have a picture of a girl with an accordion on them – enough said!) Then I came back to the room and put on my bathing suit because we went to the beach! Well, actually we went to the bay, but Betterton is cool anyway. That’s right – the hottest day of the summer and we went to the beach! Craziness, I know! It was me, Matt H., Andrew, Kim, Jess, Allie, Alex, and Charissa (Jeneane and Laura joined us later). We had made our lunches at breakfast (the BACO kids had a trip, so that was easy) so when we got there we went up to the picnic area and had lunch. One of the best parts of the beach: the Amish were visiting. That’s right – there were about 40 or so of them all dressed and swimming (the girls were swimming in their full set of clothes) Anyway, we ate lunch and then went swimming for about an hour and a half. We played Big Booty, ran around and knocked each other down. At one point Alex and I went on an adventure to the docks and were sea turtles as to not get hit by a boat (don’t ask.) I got to lie in the sun for a bit too – amazing.


            Anyway, we returned and I showered and when I walked out of the shower I found three strange men standing outside the bathroom door. They were there to fix Kim’s computer and couldn’t find her. Well, they went in and tried their hardest, but Kim had to bring her hard drive thingy to the main office, but as she was going there, her car died in the parking lot. Craziness again indeed. It all got worked out, but it was messy. So, I got dressed and went over to the office and got my mail. Then we picked up the girls, brought them back to the dorm and had our hall meeting. We hung out for a bit and then went to dinner (where the lacrosse team was once again there – oy!) and afterwards activities started. Tonight Jess and I did “labeling things,” which worked out really well! Everyone was an uber-cool intensive labeler too! Then I played Catch Phrase with Allie and that went well too. One of the amazing things was that we got to move both activities indoors, which was wonderful.


            After activities we returned to the dorm and everyone showered quickly because at 9:10 we had Seema’s birthday party! It was really nice and I think she really enjoyed herself. However, I’ve learned never to give the girls cake before bed – bad mistake. Oh well. After lights out I called home and spoke to Mom and then called Motley who kept me on the phone for a good half an hour. Oy to that man. Dad stopped by too because I have 10 new bug bites and I needed my Aveeno back from Lauren. Anyway, so now here I sit taking care of e-mails/pep band stuff/randomness.


            Here’s some new gossip for everyone out there in live journal land: Our girls have decided to play matchmaker for the RAs, so here goes:

Kim and Matt W. are getting married

Sarah and Alex D. are getting married

Jess and Brendan are getting married

Myself and Aaron are getting married.


            However, I declared my love to Alex D. so now Aaron has refused to marry me. Oh no! I’ve lost my love! Whatever shall I do?! J These crazy kids…

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