July 23rd, 2005

First day of school

Jess and Sammi are amazing!

            It’s Friday! (Well, now it’s Saturday, but that’s beside the point) Today was so much fun! First of all, I finished Harry Potter 6 at about 2:30AM. (Yes, I stayed up to read it) I’m not going to give anything away, but it was amazing. I can’t wait for the last one – she has lots of cover and millions of questions to answer.


            Anyway, so the morning was normal with breakfast, hand-off, and RA meeting. Then we had our “RA day away” so we all piled into three mini-vans and drove to Annapolis. It was so much fun! Matt, Jess and I sat in the back back of the Beth’s van talking about Harry Potter, which rocked. So, when we got there we walked around this really cute little down and got sandwiches at a deli. We also visited a fudge shop (AMAZING) and a hat shop (So funny!). All in all, a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. We basically passed out on the way back, which was also lovely.

The whole group of us!


Laura, Allie, Jess, Matt, Beth, and David with funny hats!


Ohhhh the fudge! Soooo good!

            We got back, ran around for a bit, and then I picked up the girls. We had a fast hall meeting and then went to dinner. Afterwards I ran back to change and left the girls with Kim. Allie, Charissa, and I went over and set up for the dance (the theme was “Blast from the Past”) it was really fun, but really hot! The kids all seemed to have fun though, so that’s good.


            Afterwards we cleaned up and I returned to the dorm and got the girls ready for bed. I took a quick shower and then we had an amazing idea: we had a girlie cupcake party – which basically meant that all the girls off came over and we sat around eating icing... Sooooo good! We all talked and hung out and it was so much fun!

The RAs at the "Blast from the Past" dance!


            And now Matt has trusted us to change his face book profile. So, Jess and I are going to go make some wonderful changes and see what happens… hehe. His away messages says, “and so apparently, I was tired enough tonight to willingly give my face book password to two females and allowed them to make whatever changes they so desired- luckily, since only LOSERS check face book everyday, I have nothing to fear.” Of course he has something to fear… ::evil laugh::


            Jess and I just finished – it took about two hours (Mind you we went over and knocked on his window to wake him up) But it was amazing – and we created our own facebook group! So, if you want to join, go friend Matthew Williamson and he’s got the group! J


A leftover picture from the game day the other day -- we're so cute!


            Dream well all. J

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First day of school

Fudge is amazing...

            Well, today was an interesting day. The weekends are crazy because you have the kids all the time, which gets a bit crazy. So, let’s see… I got up this morning, took the girls to breakfast, had a hall meeting, sat around, and then took Jazmin to the office to see her parents. Then I returned, showered, and took Michelle to the office to see her parents. Lunch wasn’t bad, it’s just getting hard to eat so much food at every meal (You need a protein, fruit/veggie, and at least one glass of water). I eat a massive breakfast and at lunch time I’m not hungry, but dinner I’m starved! I’ll have to work on that.


            Anyway, after lunch we went to the Olympics, which was great fun because Matty H. and I were on the puzzle section. Basically we had this picture puzzle that was cut into pieces and the first part was to put the puzzle together, then you had to solve it. It said (all in pictures) “CTY Olympics are fantastic. Our Country will win.” The teams ranged from 4 minutes to 8 minutes trying to figure it out. So, after the first groups went we had them doing this tanagrams thing, but then we decided to have them play duck, duck goose… but we made it extreme. How you might ask? Well, first of all, we call it “Monkey, Monkey, Lemur!” The kids have to go around the circle walking like a monkey taping people and when they cry “Lemur” the person has to chase them. If they catch the person, that person is put in the middle and becomes a mutated mass of monkey mess… or something like that. It was so funny to watch! Also, when there were three monkeys in the middle, they had to do a “monkey” dance to go back into the game. The kids loved it.


            So, at this point the Olympics are over and I go drop of Theresa (her parents came too) and Jazmin and Michelle came back. So we’re in the dorm and Kim told me that Michelle’s parents told her that she’s fat – the girl is 12, 4’8ish, and weighs less than my left leg! Not cool! Long story short, it caused a big mess that I’m working on cleaning up.


            New topic: tonight we had our “Cruise ship” night in Hudson lounge, which worked out really well. We had cheesy dances going in the dance area, casino games in the cove, a movie showing in the back, bingo, and an arts and crafts table. I boogied the night away, and it was great fun!


            And now I’m in my room answering my e-mails and hanging out. I went outside for a few minutes before to get my fudge and it was amazing. I <3 chocolate. Kim is off tonight and going on a doughnut run, so hopefully I’ll get some later. J


            Now I’m off to read and clean and dream. Goodnight all.

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