July 21st, 2005

First day of school

I have blue paint under my nails...

            Ahh, almost Friday. (Not that the weekends are that easy around here, but I still love them.) So, today was its usual day full of work and sleep. I got up, showered, dressed, got the girls to breakfast, dropped them off for class, and went to the RA meeting. The meeting went well and was over pretty early, so I headed over to the office and we set up the play list for the dance tomorrow night. I also did tons of yearbook stuff (printed out papers for everyone about picture times and set up the basic yearbook pages for each RA’s group to make) I was done around 11 and headed back to my room to check my e-mail before heading to lunch.


            Today was “ice your own cupcake day,” which is amazing. I ended up sitting with the people from Baltimore (our mother ship) at lunch though, and they kept talking and talking and talking about Hofstra… a bit annoying. But after all the children left, we asked the cafeteria people and ended up taking all the extra cupcakes and icing… sooooo good! They’re now sitting in Matt H.’s fridge waiting to be eaten tomorrow. Amazing.


            After lunch I read for a bit and took a nap. I went over to the office and got mail and supplies for activities (Mom sent me one of those bouncy ball thingies on a board – very nifty!) One of my girls, Vivian, got a package that was bigger than her and turned out to be tons of fun things including a new boom box! Anyway, so I got the girls and we had our hall meeting/hall time and then went to dinner. Afterwards we hung around in the cove for a bit and then had activities. Charades with Vanessa went well – we only had 10 kids and were inside in the air conditioning, which was amazing. Then I finger-painted with Andrew which was also fun because there were only 9 kids and they didn’t make that big of a mess. All in all, they both went well.


            We returned to the dorm and got everyone showered and into bed. Then I read some Harry Potter, talked to Mom and just finished talking online. Kim took the newbies out for a donut run, so I should be getting donuts around midnightish or so. J I love a good donut run. So, until tomorrow!

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First day of school

Katie rocks!

Okay, so putting me in charge of make-up is not the greatest of ideas...

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