July 20th, 2005

First day of school

schwat the scwhat?

            Craziness as usual, but then again, that’s nothing new in my life. Today started out normally – breakfast, hand-off, RA meeting (we signed up for activities next week – Alex and I are doing X-treme Musikal Chairz on Monday night!), then I went to my Dad’s class to participate in “Green Glowing Children.” Now, this is a writing exercise for the kids where they have to learn who, what, where, when, why and how. Well, they couldn’t seem to get past the idea that aliens had landed and turned the kids green, so it was a bit tough. Jess and I hung around for about 45 minutes and then we went over to the office where I did some random paperwork. Around noon I went to lunch and we got the game room this afternoon, so a bunch of us RAs played pool, ping pong and danced around. It was fun.


            The rest of the afternoon was spent reading Harry Potter and taking a nap. I went to the office and had a package from Mom (She sent me some clothes) and then picked up the kids. We had a quick hall meeting and then some hall time. Dinner went well and Matt H.’s boys took my tray up because they weren’t behaving well at the dinner table. Then I signed the girls up for activities next week and we started tonight’s games.


            The first activity I did was Quidditch, which usually isn’t bad, but Matt left me to go swimming, so it was Vanessa and me and 38 kids. We did however get Alex K., Lauren Bobsta, and Jenny to come help, which rocked. The game went well, a bit crazy, but not bad. Then David, Sarah and I played kickball, which was crazy because we had 25 boys and 4 girls – bad odds. The boys are so competitive it’s insane! It was also really hot outside and two outside activities in a row are never good! Oh well, it was over by 8:30 and we returned so the girls could shower and get ready for bed.


            I had a small incident tonight with girls and periods, but we’re not going into that. It was challenging, but it’s over now. We had our fire drill too, but that was planned on our part, so it was easy. After the girls went to bed I talked to Mom for a bit and then Matt and I wandered over to the apartments. We hung out for a bit, wandered around a bit more, and now here I sit in front of my computer, as always.


            Today is also my Mom’s birthday (she’s 29 again) and she got the card I sent her, which rocks! J


            Anyway, tomorrow shouldn’t be bad – a normal day and then I’m doing charades and finger-painting at night… should be messy. J So, dream well all!


P.S. Andrew gave me the title of this entry.

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