July 19th, 2005

First day of school

Movie night is an amazing thing :)

            Today was a long day and my allergy pill has worn off. Never a good thing. Let’s start at the beginning: I got up, took the girls to breakfast, hung out for a bit and then handed them over to Dad and Lauren. Then we had our RA meeting, which went well. Afterwards Matt H., Allie, Charissa and I went over to Allie’s room and then Matt’s room to make the play list for the dance, which is awesome. 80’s music is so much fun! Anyway, then I fought with Hofstra for a bit because my Girl Scout Scholarship got lost, totally not cool.


            So, I went to lunch and everyone was going to Dover, Delaware to go to the mall, but I really didn’t want to go because I was going to deal with Hofstra stuff, but Matt talked me into it. So, we drove out there and went to the mall. We had Mrs. Field’s cookies, which were amazing and walked around for a bit. I was fighting with Hofstra during all this, but eh. We also went over to Walmart, which was great fun. After about two hours of this we headed back to school and went to the office. Mom sent me a giant box of airheads (there are 90! Woohoo!) So I shared and then brought them back to my room so the girls didn’t see them. I picked up the girls and we had our hall meeting (really quick stuff) and then hall time before dinner. Tonight was Thanksgiving, so dinner was very yummy and we had pumpkin pie! J


            After dinner both Kim’s hall and mine met with Laura and did some ice breakers. It went really well. And when we went outside for night activities we found out that they were cancelled and we were watching a movie because it was thunder and lightening! Craziness! So, the kids all got to watch “The Princess Bride” and I read Harry Potter. A lovely break.


            Then we came back to the hall and everyone got ready for bed. Kim and I hung out for a bit and I’ve been answering e-mails, talking online and calling people since then to get stuff done. I’m going to go read and then crash in a few, so dream well all! J

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