July 18th, 2005

First day of school

Sidewalk chalk is my friend...

Ahh, it’s Monday, the start of a new week. And I’m sure it will be an exciting one too.


            The girls all got up this morning and got ready and we were at breakfast on time, which was nice. Afterwards we hung out for a bit and then handed them over to their instructors and TAs. We had our RA meeting, which went well as usual. Then Matt H., Allie, Charissa and I worked on stuff for the dance (we’re the committee). The theme this week is “Blast from the Past,” mostly focusing on the 80’s. So, after we made posters and such we all (Matt H., Matt W., Alex, Kim, me, Jess, Laura, Allie, and Charissa) went over to Roses and got 80’s clothes. It was very interesting indeed. I ended up with spandex shorts, a teenage mutant ninja turtles shirt, a yellow belt and neat hairclips. Alex and Matt got these awesome hats! All in all, a successful trip for everyone!


            Then we went over to the dollar store to get random stuff. Matt H. got a foam dart shooter thingy, Matt W. and Jess got swords and I got a silly necklace from one of those mini vending machines that you put $.50 in. We then went over to the food store (I completely forgot it’s name) and ran around for a bit. Matt H. and I played with the puppets, which were amazing. The dinosaur one was reading the magazines with me. J


            We returned to school and everyone went to lunch. I checked my e-mail and did a few random things and then we went over to Sam’s to get coffee. I got my usual Pina Colada smoothie, which was amazing. We hung out there for a little bit and then came back and I read for most of the afternoon. I took a quick nap too, which was a good idea. Around 3:30 Kim and I went over to the office and it turns out I got LOTS of mail! I got silly 80’s headbands from my Mom and pom poms from her (I gave those to Alex for “Xtreme Cheerleading” this week), a postcard that looks like a golden ticket from Rory, a letter (with pictures) from Tommy and Sean (SOOOO cute!) and Rory sent me this wonderful box of Harry Potter goodies! It had all kinds of Harry Potter candy! She’s amazing and rules the world.


            We picked up the girls and then had our meeting. We’re having a small problem with one girl who lives alone (she accidentally ended up in a boy’s dorm – don’t ask) and now is afraid of the dark and it’s all messy. So, we wanted one of my girls in the triple to move in with her, but that didn’t go so well. We were going to move her into the triple, but that didn’t go so well either, so it’s a work in progress. We had dinner (it was good – spaghetti night!) and then played outside for a bit before activities.


            I spent the evening with Matt W. and first we played Quidditch, which was hard because we had 41 people. The boys had a lot of trouble paying attention too, which made it even harder. Add to that it was about 10 million degrees out. After that we had “Street Art” with 6 kids which was sidewalk chalk. So, we sat around for an hour playing with chalk. It was wonderful.


            The girls and I returned to the dorm, played some cards, everyone showered and then lights out. Kim and I hung out for a bit and I let her use my computer while I called home. Tomorrow I have to call Hofstra and yell because my bill is messed up, but otherwise it’s the normal day full of crazy adventures! J

           And so now I return to my Harry Potter book. Dream well all.

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