July 17th, 2005

First day of school

Arena ball + donuts = amazing night

            Okay, so it’s already 1:30AM and I have no idea where this day went. Well, I do have a general idea, but I don’t know how it became 1:30. So, this morning Dad and I left at 8:45AM to drive to Philadelphia to meet up with Mom, Chuck and Rebecca. We met them at the train station at 10:30ish and went over to the Franklin Institute Science Museum. It was very hands on, but it would have been much cooler if I were about 10 years younger. It was nice though. We had lunch at this little Italian place around the corner and I had an AMAZING eggplant parm sandwich – yum! Then we returned to the museum to see the planetarium show and this mini-show on fireworks. We wandered around for about an hour more and hit up the gift shop before heading out. We had our tearful farewell and went on our way.


            We started driving back with the top down and I totally passed out. When I woke up it was raining and Dad put the top up, so I went back to sleep. I woke up and passed out again several times and finally woke up about 10 minutes from Chestertown. We stopped at the dollar store so I could get a few things and returned to campus. We headed straight over to dinner and then I ran back to the room to drop off some stuff. At 6:45 we had our “ice cream social” thingy and then went straight to our RA meeting. It was a long meeting, but not bad. We had a staff-d to meet the new people (we have 3 newbies – Vanessa’s brother Andrew, Alex, and Sarah) set up activities, picked committees and talked about tomorrow. We were done around 9:15 and then a bunch of us ran over to the office. Matt W. followed us back to help me move furniture and then we all went and played Arena ball, which was AMAZING! (As usual).  We even got to play with the lights on because the painters had left them on. An amazing game.


            We didn’t finish playing until about 11:45 and so Kim, David, Alex, Laura, Allie and I jumped in Kim’s car and drove over to the 24 food mart place for a donut run. We only ended up waiting about 15 minutes and then we got a full bag of donuts (soooooo good!) We all came back and hung out in my triple (which is so big and nice! Too bad there are three girls moving in there tomorrow!) ate donuts and talked. Kim and I finished our door tag stuff and other hallway decorations and then everyone left. I just finished straightening some things up and I’m going to crash in a few.


            Anyway, my new set of kids come tomorrow and that should be interesting. I only have 7, but I’m sure we’ll have adventures. And for now, I sleep. J

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First day of school


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First day of school

Harry Potter = amazing

            Well, my 7 new kids are here. They so quiet compared to the last bunch – it’s crazy! Let’s start at the beginning: I was up at 8am, showered and went to breakfast (it was so quiet – amazing!) then we all wandered over to Reed and had a quick meeting where they gave us the schedule for the day, sign up sheets, etc. Then Kim and I headed inside where we finished setting up and then sat down to wait for kids. Kim had all but one of hers by 12:30 and I only had three. It was sad. By 2pm I was still missing three, but one showed up right as I was leaving and the other two met me at the orientation. I handed everyone over to Dad and came back to help some parents move in. Then I went and picked up the girls and we returned to the hall to have our meeting. It went well.


            Dinner was fun because we had to clarify what exactly counts as a protein and veggie/fruit. Afterwards I took my girls outside and we signed up for activities and set up a shower schedule. We then headed over to their orientation and we did our funny skits (I once again got hit by a rock) I also posted a picture from the first one that Joe took that cracks me up! J (Me and my rock)


            That was done by 8pm and we all returned to the dorms where Michelle taught me how to make an origami flower and then we all played Harry Potter Uno. I got to borrow Michelle’s Harry Potter 6 book for the night, so that is what I’ll be done in a few. I’m on page 62 now. It’s sooooo good!


            All in all, a wonderful start to the new session! I’m very excited not only for my girls but also because Harry Potter is sitting next to me! So, until tomorrow! J

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