July 16th, 2005

First day of school

Willy Wonka was amazing :)

            The children are gone! The children are gone! Oh man, am I tried!


            So, let’s see: we all got up this morning, went to breakfast and then the kids went to class for a bit. During that time we had our RA meeting and got all the paperwork and such and then I came back to the room to straighten up and answer some e-mails. At 11:00 the madness began! I picked up the girls and the wave of parents began! It was crazy! Everyone but Sarah’s dad was here by 12:30 (Lisa’s parents had left her, so she came to lunch with us) and afterwards we all headed over to the closing ceremony. Joe made a nice speech and then we watched the slideshow, which was very nice. It took about 20 minutes and when we left the theatre, Sarah’s dad was there! So, all of my kids were checked out by 2:30! Woo!


            At that point Dad and I did laundry and I ran around the hall taking down all door tags and recovering the bulletin board. I have about ten more minutes or work to do tomorrow, and then I’m all set up for my new girls. (They’re coming on Sunday) At 5pm we had our “fancy” dinner, which basically means that they give us nicer food on real plates. It was a nice spread. We had another slideshow there, but it was basically all the same pictures give or take a few.


            After dinner we all went to the movies – when I say “we all” I mean about 20 of us! It was so funny! It was every RA except Vanessa (she wasn’t feeling well) and Nicole (who left this afternoon) and a bunch of TAs including Lauren, Melanie, and Kathy. We saw “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” which was amazing! (I had talked to Ryan earlier who said it was, and he was right) A bit odd, but I really enjoyed it.


            We returned to the dorms and I sorted some laundry and then went over to the apartments to hang out. It was fun sitting around with everyone. J I lost most of the RAs though… not quite sure where they went.


            Anyway, tomorrow Dad and I are leaving at 8:45am to drive to Philly to meet up with Mom, Chuck, and Rebecca for Mom’s birthday observed. It should be fun. But for now, I shall enjoy my child-free night and sleep. Dream well all.

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First day of school

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