July 14th, 2005

First day of school

some random pictures...

Matt and I after our "donut run!" (Look how many donuts are in that bag?!)

Playing "The Maze Game" for Data and Chance and the other math classes.

Vanessa, David, Matt W. and I hanging out.

I can't remember what this was called, but it was just fun! :)

First day of school

The first session is coming to an end...

            Well, tomorrow ends the first session of CTY Chestertown. I’m sad to see the girls go because they were a good group. A bit crazy at times, but a good group.


            Today was full of running around as usual, but that’s nothing new. This morning I got up, had breakfast, dropped the girls off at class, had our RA meeting, then I met with Josh and Beth (I’m doing well and should keep up the good work) and went over to visit Data and Chance. Matt W. and I went and we ended up spending about 30 minutes on this word puzzle that we still haven’t solved! It’s a work in progress. I stopped by Heroes and Villains too, but they were writing an essay. Then I headed over to lunch and afterwards Kim and returned to make our new door tags. I also organized my room and answered some e-mails. We both showered and did our hair all pretty for the “formal” dance tonight and then picked up the girls.


            When we got back to the dorm I gave each girl a mug with a little stuffed bear inside (Mom bought them for me at the dollar store at home), and they loved them. We had a hall meeting and ran around for a bit before dinner. After dinner they girls packed and got ready for the dance.


            I enjoyed the dance as usual (I always do because I just love dancing around) and I got to dance with Alex, Aaron and Matt W., which was fun. I also had a dance with my Daddy, which was very cute... Aww. J All in all, it was a fun dance, however there was one small problem – on the last song (which is always traditionally “American Pie”) the amp blew and we had to kind of make up the rest of the song. A bit messy…


            We came back to the dorm and everyone showered and got ready for bed. The girls were good, so they were allowed to have a sleepover, but before everyone headed off to bed Kim took her girls and I took mine and we all went around the room saying one thing that we really liked at CTY. It was very cute. And thankfully we sent 22 girls to bed without tears – I’m sure it will be different tomorrow!


            Anyway, everyone leaves tomorrow and then we clean up, have our “fancy” dinner and we’re going to see “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” which I’m very excited about! Another wonderful day in Chestertown comes to an end – dream well all J

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