July 12th, 2005

First day of school

RA: the other white meat

            Do you know why today was so amazing? Because it’s my DAY OFF! That means NO KIDS! WOOHOO!


            Well, let’s start at the beginning – I got up this morning, got the girls up, took everyone to breakfast, and then sent them to class. We had our RA meeting, which wasn’t long at all and then headed over to the office. The plan was that Beth, Vanessa and I were in one car following David (who was going home afterwards) to Baltimore. So, at 10:30am we set on our way.


            We got there around lunch time and parked the cars about four blocks away from the aquarium. It was a bit hot outside, but otherwise a wonderful day. So, we walked the four blocks but as we got the entrance we noticed something. There were about 20 children wearing red lanyards – the same red lanyards that our kids wear! OH NO! CTY KIDS!?!?! We looked around and found their chaperones and went over to introduce ourselves. It turns out they were from the marine program. They only have 90 kids and 9 RAs and at any given time there are 30 kids and 3 RAs on a boat for 9 days. It was crazy! They were really interesting to talk to though.


            Anyway, so then we went into the aquarium, which was AMAZING! We saw all kinds of fish and sharks and other neat things. The way it works is that you start at the bottom, go all the way up, and then all the way down. But, they have this huge glass tank thing in the middle and you see that the whole time. There’s also this rain forest thing on top that was neat. If you walked across the bridge thing they had the dolphins, but the shows were cancelled because one of the dolphins had just had a baby. Oh well, we still got to see them. All in all, an awesome experience!


            We were in the aquarium for about two and a half hours and then headed to the Hard Rock Café for lunch. I got a BLT (yum!) and we all sat around for a bit. There was a Barnes and Noble next door that we checked out too – it had two floors and was really nice. After that we headed back and arrived back at lovely Chestertown at about 6:15. I was supposed to go to dinner with Dad, but they left at 5:15 and I wasn’t that hungry. So, Vanessa and I ran over to Rite Aid to get a few things and then I hung out in my room for a bit.


            Dad got back a little while later and we went to the supermarket and then back to the apartments. At 10pm we played ARENA BALL! It was a tough game though a) because it was dark and hard to see the ball and b) everyone was really into it and it got a bit violent. We stopped around 11ish and I went back to help Becca with her sign for a bit. Holly and Lauren tried to teach everyone a new game (it involved breaking into a building and playing capture the flag with water guns) but no one was really game. So, I hung out for a bit and now here I am, back in my room and getting ready for bed.


            Want to hear something great? I DON’T HAVE TO WAKE UP AT 6:30AM! I’m still off until 4:15PM tomorrow when I pick up the kids – amazing J

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First day of school

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First day of school

sleep is amazing :)

            This morning was wonderful. I slept until 10:30am and refused to get out of bed until 11:45. Amazing. Then I just wandered around for a while before finally taking a shower. Long story short, at 2pm I was finally showered, dressed and ready for action. I cleaned the room, read some magazines, answered some e-mails, and hung out. At 3:30 I headed over to the office with everyone and found that out that next session I have (are you ready for this?) 7 GIRLS! ONLY 7! WOOHOO! I only have three rooms too (we’re using two doubles and a triple) Also, they’re all in my Dad’s class! (I requested that, so I cheated a bit). But, 7 new girls should be interesting.


            Anyway, so then I picked up my girls who were happy to see me (it’s been a day – so long!) and we had a hall meeting and hall time before heading off to dinner. Tonight was our last night of activities and I had Catch Phrase and Charades, which both went well. It was so hot out that no one felt like moving, so those were both good games. Afterwards we came back to the dorm and everyone showered and got ready for bed. However, at 9:25 (lights out is at 9:30) Naomi got sick and threw up next to the bathroom door, so we had to get all of the girls into rooms on my side of the hallway. It was very messy. Beth came and she and Kim cleaned it up while I watched the girls. We finally got everyone to sleep at about 10pm, but it was a mess.


            Well, tonight is the last night off, so Kim went to the beach and I was talking to Adam about crazy things when Matt W. walked in. I have all these bug bits all over my legs that look like something attacked me, so he came to check on me. Dad went out and got me Aveeno, which really helped, so that’s good. So Matt and I just hung out for a bit and talked, which was fun.


            And now, as usual here I sit. In my pajamas and ready for sleep. So, dream well all! J

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