July 9th, 2005

First day of school

I'm a redhead... again

            Oh man, today was crazy!


            Let’s see – after drop off and the RA meeting I spent the morning in the office typing up the Talent Show program (we have about 40 acts – oy! Two intermissions too!) and then filling millions of water balloons for Water Day on Sunday. We all headed over to lunch around noonish and today was Pi day (3.1415…) so three classes of math students were numbered. It was so funny to see! So, after lunch we headed over to the auditorium to see the Elements of Drama class present “Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi.” It was so cute! (Only twenty minutes too – which is always nice) A very nice play about Sir Cumference turning into a dragon and his son Radius had to figure out how to turn him back before the knights slay him. They had a nice turnout too, which is always good.


            So, after lunch Matt H., Matt W., Jess and myself headed back to my dorm and started playing with hair stuff for the “Funky Hair, Funky Dance” tonight. It was so much fun! I put this new dye on my head “Pulse” that worked really well (Kim tried it too – it didn’t work as well as we would have thought on her). It’s supposed to wash in about 6-8 washes. We spiked Matt W.’s hair and played with Matt H.’s. Jess threw hers up and then we sprayed it different colors and with glitter. It was fun!

Matt and I playing with Matt's spikes... that was harder than it looks.

Success with the spikes! Hotness!

There goes my  mess -- it looks orange there, but it turned out reddish.


            At that point we were all running late, so I threw stuff in Dad’s car, we stopped at the office to get mail, ran to the bookstore and then picked up our kids (They loved our hair!) We had some hall time for them to clean their rooms and a quick hall meeting before dinner and then returned to finish cleaning, have room inspections and get ready for the dance. Kim and I ended up doing most of the girls’ hair, which was fun! We did all kinds of strange things, and it looked great!


Somewhat group shot at the dance -- look at our funky hair!


            The dance was a lot of fun too! Some of the music was a bit questionable and they had a few too many slow songs, but it was all good. Afterwards we can back, made everyone shower, and lights out. I just got back from a somewhat movie night with David, Laura, Nicole and Matt W. It took us a while, but we were watching “Kill Bill 2” downstairs in Hudson until midnight when they had to lock the building. We went to Matt’s room to watch for a bit, but we were all too tired to really care.


            So, once again here I sit at my computer ready for bed and thinking about what a crazy weekend this will be. Tomorrow we have our Harry Potter trip to Hogsmead and the Talent Show at night. Sunday is Water Day and movie night – craziness indeed!

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First day of school

A few more pictures...

Matt W, Jess, Kim and myself after our hair adventures in the bathroom!

Alex, myself and Jess at dinner ready to party with our funky hair!

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First day of school

Cause it's you and me and all of the people...


            I’m so tired that I think I might fall asleep writing this. Oh well, I’m going to anyway.


            Today was crazy! It started at 7:15 (on the weekends we don’t need to be up until 8am) with four girls outside my room saying, “Do you think she’s up? Should we knock? Well, she might be sleeping…” it wasn’t pretty. I finally got up, showered and got dressed. We all headed to breakfast and then returned to have our hall meeting and hall time. The girls made their flag for Hogsmeade and they called the team “Starling Wing.” They also made me a shield for the back of my shirt and each girl got a star saying, “Sammi’s Starling Wing.” Very cute indeed. So, we did laundry, people practice for the talent show, and hung out.


            At noon we headed off to lunch and then went to Hogsmeade. Now, if you don’t already know, Hogsmeade is the town that they go visit in Harry Potter. So, we re-created it. Everyone had different stations and they kids won tickets and such for winning games and doing well. So, Matt W. and I ran the Quidditch game, which took a little while to work out, but it went well. It was basically soccer with a pool noodle between your legs while playing dodgeball. I enjoyed it. We used a silver key ring as the Golden Stitch too, and that was interesting. All in all, the kids had fun.


            And, as it always turns out, my girls won second place. Now, they’re already dressed me up all goofy, tied to me Garret for dinner and gotten me wet. What’s left? Oh yes, the pie in the face. One small problem with this though – I don’t like whipped cream nor do I want it all over my face. So, that’s a work in progress.


            So, we returned, showered, changed and went to dinner. Then, straight from dinner we headed over the Talent Show. Things were a bit messy (at first we only had one mike, our first act couldn’t come, Will wasn’t around with his kid’s music, we had no MCs and the program was screwed up. But, never fear – it was all fixed! We got another mike, Brendan did sound, Will finally showed up, Matt, Allie and myself MCed and we just read the program aloud. It was very interesting indeed, partially because I lost my voice half way through and kept going out on stage to introduce things. The kids thought it was hilarious. It was fun though! We also got to duct tape Josh, which was amazing!


            Then we returned and the girls can have sleepovers tonight, so there are millions of girls in each room. As long as they’re quiet, it’s all good. I’ve also been unable to breath through my nose for the past half an hour, which is never good. So, now I will leave the cyber work and sleep. Dream well all!


P.S. The song "You and Me" by Lifehouse is amazing! One of my new favorite songs!

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