July 4th, 2005

First day of school

Arena ball is amazing...

            Thank goodness that the weekend is over – those kids wear me out! It’s crazy! Today we had the carnival, which was an adventure in itself. This morning went well though; breakfast, hall time, laundry, Harry Potter uno, more laundry, lunch and finally the carnival! Vanessa and I were face painting, which seemed easy enough. Well, each kid got 10 tickets, one of the main goals here was that the hall with the most tickets got to torture their RA. So, my girls had this major goal to kill me. (They ended up with 361 and came in third – which means they got to dress me up… oh boy!)


            So, basically after the kids run out of tickets they can go around to RAs, TAs, and instructors and ask for more. But, they have to do goofy things to get them, such as sing, dance, run around, etc. It was great fun! Half way through my Dad came back with my two super soakers and Matt H, Allie, Lauren and I got in this massive water fight attacking everyone – it was great.


            Well, the girls won third place, which meant that they got to dress me up. So, after we got back I showered and they dressed me. It was an interesting outfit. They did my hair and make-up too, which made me look like a Who from Whoville (Dr. Seuss reference). It was interesting. They got to dress up Beth too, who got it far worse than I did. Well, we went to dinner like that and then after dinner I changed and we headed over to the movie. The winner of the Olympics got to pick, so they chose “Napoleon Dynamite.” While they were watching that, the RAs were outside playing “Catch Phrase” and hanging out – a good time was had by all.


            After the movie it was announced that my girls won second prize in the Casino night the previous night. Their prize was that they get to tie me to a male RA tomorrow for dinner. Everyone is voting and so far Garret and Matt W are tied. We’ll see tomorrow who wins. So, we returned to the hall where people showered and got ready for bed.


            Now, I had the evening off (which means I can leave from 10ish until 1:30AM) so I meet up with Allie, Jess, Alex and Aaron and we all walked over to the 24-hour place to get some snacks. We ended up getting donuts for Matt H (he was trapped inside, so we saved him) and Beth (she asked for them) When we got back we talked to Matt for a bit and then headed over to see where Beth was. Well, on the way we ran into Dad and some of the instructors ready to play Arena Ball. Now, what may you ask is Arena ball – well, it’s played inside in a lounge like area and you have two teams and goalies and it’s sort of like basketball and such… very hard to explain, but a blast to play. We had a great time.


Becca’s away message says it all:  “Arena ball was the BEST!  It is always nice to be a little illegal and play one of the best games ever!  I am exhausted and tired, so turning in a bit early... what a great weekend!  Tomorrow is the RA dream and the instructor and TA nightmare... Monday mornings are always like that:-)”


            Then we went back to the apartments where Alex, Allie, Brendan and I ate a whole container of Vienna fingers. They were really good. And now, as usually here I sit at my computer getting ready for bed. It was an exciting day indeed!


Don't we look pretty? Beth and I all dressed up!



Almost all of our staff at Casino night. Ready to go! :)

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First day of school

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First day of school

::girl holding cookies comes into the hallway:: Beth:Where are you going? Sophie:To the bathroom!

            Happy 4th of July everyone! How could I forget it was the forth of July? All day long there were small children singing “God Bless America” or “America the Beautiful,” it got just a bit tedious. It was however, a bit cooler than usual, which was lovely and it didn’t rain, so all activities were outside! (We finally played kickball outside!)


            So, let’s see… this morning I got up, showered, got dressed, got the girls ready and we had breakfast. I had a bagel that Dad brought from home too, which was lovely. I took care of Julia (she wasn’t feeling well, so I brought her to the nurses and they let her rest all morning), and then handed the girls off. Then we had our staff meeting and Matt H. and I went over to the office and took care of all the Talent show posters/sign-up sheets, etc. After we finished that I came back to the room and slept, which was wonderful. Lunch was eh… not that good looking, so I had a sandwich and two pieces of cake! (Duh duh duhhhhh! Not two desserts! Nooo!) It was yummy. I spent the afternoon catching up on my newspapers and relaxing, which was lovely.


            At 3:45ish we all headed over to the office to get paperwork and at 4:15 the children were placed back in our hands. We came back to the dorm, had our hall meeting, ran around a bit and went to dinner. Julia still wasn’t feeling that well, so she stayed with me in my activities all night. First I had Talent Show (I’m on the committee and the show is on Saturday night). These kids are SOOOOO talented! It’s crazy! We had singers, musicians, skits, etc, and that was just the girls! Tomorrow night the boys go, and that should be interesting. Anyway, after that we played kickball for a bit, and that went well.


            Well, then Julia lost a tooth (her mouth was full of blood) and Diana hurt her knee so I sent three kids to the nurse’s office (Caroline needed her nightly medicine too). Everyone else showered and got ready for bed, which was nice. However, around 9:20ish I found Julia crying and freaking out because she was afraid that she’d have an asthma attack in the middle of the night and need to go to the hospital. So, after setting up an emergency plan (She had her rescue inhaler next to her bed and her roommate was told if ANYTHING happens to yell for me) and talking to her, she calmed down a bit. Beth came a bit later to do a round and just as she was leaving we found three girls sneaking cookies – oh man. So, we sat them down and talked to them and they don’t get any dessert tomorrow. We had to work so hard not to laugh.


            It was a long and tiring day and Kim has her day off tomorrow, so that means that from 4:15 PM tomorrow until 4:15 PM Wednesday I’m in charge of 22 girls. I’m also being tied to Garret for dinner, which should be interesting… madness as usual. But, would you expect anything else from my life?

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