July 2nd, 2005

First day of school

Water balloons are fun! :)

            Thank goodness for Friday! Well, in this case it means that I have a crazy weekend ahead of me, but oh well. Today was lots of fun! It started off with breakfast, then dropping off the kids and our RA meeting (nothing out of the ordinary)


            Well, here’s where it gets fun: we all headed over to the office to take care of paperwork and stuff and ended up filling up water balloons for the carnival on Sunday. That was an adventure! Nicole and I were filling them while Kim and Laura tied them. Matt H kept running in and out and David tried to help, but just ended up making a big mess. About 150 balloons and a floor covered in water later we decided to take a break and go outside to have our own mini water balloon fight. We each took one balloon, which didn’t last (we ended up using up more) and basically attacked each other. Matt H hit me right on the ear which exploded on my face (it was so funny!) and Matt W and I were chasing each other around (we both ended up soaked). Then we re-made enough water balloons to fill up the bucket and then went to lunch (still really wet).


            After a quick lunch we all ran back to our rooms and then headed off to the beach. It was 10 RAs (Laura, Allison, me, Jess, Nicole, Kim, Charissa, Matt W, Matt H, and Alex), Josh, Jeneane, Laura, and the two nurses. It took four cars and about 15 minutes, but we made it. We all ended up swimming for a bit and playing ball (Everyone kept throwing the ball at me and I was so blind – I got hit in the face a few times). It was all fun though. Afterwards we sat in a sun for a bit and I’m now nicely red.


            We drove back and after a quick shower I picked up my girls. We came back to the dorm for our hall meeting, and then went over to dinner. Just as we were about to leave the skies opened and it poured for about 15 minutes, just enough to stop us from leaving. But, after the rain stopped we did return to the dorms and Matt H, Jess, Laura and I went over to decorate for the dance.


            The Pajama Jammy Jam has taught us a few things:
1. Never serve anything but water. Fruit punch makes a mess

2. Never use tinsel as a decoration – such a pain to clean up!

3. Small kids will copy any dance move that you do.


            I had tons of fun and the girls told me that they did too. Basically we danced around and I made a fool of myself. I taught everyone the “Sammi wiggle” and when the slow songs came on we either danced in a group circle, or I danced with a male RA. One of the songs was great – Aaron and I danced around (we spun a lot and then he dipped me!) and then Alex and I danced (we spun some more and I dipped him!) and then Josh and I danced (he just sort of spazed out.) David and I danced too a little later on and I spun around and around and around and he dipped me – I got really dizzy! It was very cute though because the girls were all cheering and such, which was really sweet! All in all, a fun night!


            I just got back from walking around too – I went for a walk and ended up at the apartments where I hung out with everyone. Becca gave me an ice pop too, which was wonderful. Then Matt W. and I walked back and here I am. I’m going to crash in a few because tomorrow is the Olympics and Casino night! Oh boy! Dream well all! J

First day of school

If you hear a clunk, she's dead...

            Whoa, weekends are crazy times! Remind me never to have 12 kids… well, at the rate I’m going I’ll never have kids. Anyway, so I got up this morning at 7:30 (much better than the normal 6:30) and showered, got ready, etc. But, as it would turn out Loretta fell out of bed and bumped her head, so I took her to the nurse’s office. That was a crazy adventure, but it was all worked out and then we headed off to breakfast.


            After we ate I had a quick hall meeting basically explaining what was going on for the day (Laura coming, the Olympics, and then casino night tonight) and then they were free to shower, clean, read, whatever. Around 11ish Laura came to talk to everyone and that went well. We had lunch at 11:50 and then went straight to the Olympics. My goodness that was crazy – it was hot and I was running around (I was a floater) and then Joe took a kid to the health office at one point, so I got his camera for the rest of the day. (It was digital – ewww) but, Matt H had a water gun and that was nice to cool off with. All in all, it went well.


            Then we came back, showered, got dressed. I let my girls decide how to do my hair – down and curly with a ribbon around it like a headband – and then we did everyone’s hair in pigtails (I’m not really sure why pigtails, it just ended up that way). So, we all headed off the dinner and then went over to Casino night. It worked out pretty well, but it was tiring. Allison and I had the “Acey Deucey” table, but we didn’t understand the game, so we made up a new one. Basically we put one team on each side of the table and we put a card out, they had to pick whether the next card we drew was higher or lower than the first one. They were all in a line and had to move as fast as possible because the team with the most wins won overall. It was exciting. Tiring, but exciting. My girls won every game too, so I was glad for them.


            So, then we returned to the dorms where people finished showering and we played Harry Potter Uno for a bit. And now here I sit with my door opened to a quiet hallway as Kim has gone out. (She has the night free – so I told her to get out of here) I plan on answering my e-mails, cleaning a bit and then collapsing. Hope everyone had a great day. J

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