June 30th, 2005

First day of school

Hooray for nights off!

            To tell you the truth I really don’t remember that much of today. We had breakfast, I dropped the kids off, had the RA meeting, went to Green Glowing kids to help Dad out (that was interesting – they thought I was turning all my kids green), visited Becca’s class and then Jeff’s class to see my girls, had lunch, then came back and crashed for a bit in the afternoon (that was wonderful). Then we picked up the kids, had a hall meeting, went to dinner, played a bit outside and started activities. Labeling things went well, and we actually did it outside like we were supposed to, but just as we were about to start kickball thunder struck. So, Allison, Alex, and Laura and I took all our kids to the gym where we played kickball inside for a bit. It ended early though because it had started to pour and thunder/lightening. Basically we all ended up running back to the rooms in the rain (I was in a white t-shirt, which one of my girls had to point out to me) We all made it back safely and everyone took showers and go ready for bed.


            One of the best parts of my day was that we started nights off today. That means that from 10PM until 1:30AM as long as one RA on the hall is on duty, the other one can go out! Woohoo for that! Well, tonight I was off, but we couldn’t find anything to do. So originally I was going to go visit Dad and I asked Matt if he would like to walk over. Well, instead of walking over there we walked to Chestertown town. It was really cute. Mind you everything was closed, but still nice to walk around. We did however find this mini-mart thing that was open 24-hours-a-day and bought a sprite remix, ballz drink thing, and some fancy Doritos. Then we sat outside eating and talking. It was fun and a really nice walk.


            And now ladies and gents, I sleep. Dream well all. J

First day of school

chU c K ie2 2: damn you and being an insomniac

            Thursday is so close to Friday that it’s amazing. J


            I was in a very happy mood today and I’m not really sure why. It started with the normal breakfast, then hanging out in the square waiting for the TA’s to come, handing the kids off and having our RA meeting. Then I went over the office where I took care of tons of paperwork and hung out with the other people who were in there. Afterwards I took a quick power nap before lunch (power naps are amazing) and then we all met up for lunch.


            The best part about lunch was that they had smiley face French fries! Yes, you read that right! They were wonderful. J Then I met with Jeneane to talk about how things are going, that was easy and fun. We compared being an RA with freshman to being an RA with 5th and 6th graders – it was interesting. Afterwards we were supposed to walk to town, but everyone was tired, so Jess and I ran around for a bit taking pictures and then came back to our rooms to rest before we had to get the kids. I answered e-mails, talked to people online and straightened up my room. It was quite productive.


            Next came the package pickup/mail pickup and then I got the kids. We came back to the dorm and had our hall meeting, went to dinner and then we had our activities of the evening. First was post-card making, which was 18 quiet kids writing letters and making postcards (AMAZING!) Then came the finger painting… a good idea in the abstract, but in the particular 15 5th and 6th graders making a massive mess and covering themselves in paint. On the plus side, they had fun and we were outside, so it was easy to clean up.


            We all came back to the dorms, the girls showered and then we had lights-out. Kim and I sat up for a bit and Beth stopped by and we all chatted. Then I checked my e-mail and called home. Now here I sit, at my computer talking to Kim (dealing with her ex boyfriend) and Matt (falling asleep but still blogging) and trying to clean up a bit. Always an adventure in Sammi land. J

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