June 27th, 2005

First day of school

rain rain go away...

            Let me just say that labeling things was one of the best programs! Daddy helped and basically created the idea. (Originally we were supposed to run around campus and label everything with chalk, but it was raining, so we were moved inside). So, here’s how it worked: Everyone got a marker and a sheet of labels, you have to go around and label each person with something about them ie: girl, boy, has glasses, ctyer, RA, instructor, etc. You needed to write your name on each label you put on someone too. After we ran out of labels, we pulled each kid’s labels off and counted how many were right and could be read. Then the kid who labeled the most, won! It was crazy! I had a million labels all over me and after the event Joe took a picture of Jess, Kathy and I (we were all labeled!)


            Then we had kickball, not army/navy like we were supposed to. Oh well. Kickball has so many rules, it’s crazy! I thought it was played just like baseball, but you kick the ball instead right? Apparently that’s very wrong according to 38 5th and 6th graders. Well, after about 10 minutes Allison and I took over and made our own rules. It was crazy, but the kids ran around for a while, so that was good. (Didn’t seem to wear them out though!)


            Afterwards we got back to the dorm late, so we were rushing kids into the showers to make sure everyone got to shower before lights out and we had a planned fire drill. Well, of course, right when we had three girls in the shower the alarm goes off and we rush everyone out. It was madness, sheer madness. Of course after being outside and the excitement no one was tired, but we still had lights out at 9:30. Oy these kids wear me out!

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