June 26th, 2005

First day of school

I'm never having kids...

CoLieP: no missing kiddies= awesome day


            Well, the kids came today! It was CRAZY! They have so much energy and I have no idea where it all comes from! I have very cool girls though and I’m sure we’ll have tons of fun.


            Everyone was here by 2pm and then we all went over to the welcoming ceremony. They meet their instructors and TAs and then said goodbye to their parents. We came back to the dorm and had a long hall meeting, but we got through everything, so that was good. Then they ran around and played games for a bit before dinner. I “misplaced” two of my girls during dinner, but I found them, no worries. After dinner we came back and signed up for activities this week and then went to the open ceremony just for the kids. All us RAs put on skits and such, which were really funny (I walked onto a construction site and got hit with a rock – the lesson here, never go near falling rocks). Afterwards we came back and everyone showered and started getting ready for bed. For their 15 minute warning we played the Harry Potter theme song and then took keys and phones and such. It was pretty easy, by 9:35 everyone was quiet too! Woohoo! Hopefully all nights will be this easy.


            Tomorrow we have our first set of activities where I’m labeling things and playing kickball. It should be interesting. We have breakfast at 7am, then dropping the kids off with their TAs, an RA meeting and a bit of free time before pick up at 4:15… a long day indeed. J Dream well all!
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