May 24th, 2005

First day of school

A Ben Co and Sammi Ro adventure!

          Why I love Ben Conrow:


          Let’s start at the beginning of my story: I pack up a whole bunch of stuff and go see that the back gate is open, so I run into Kelly’s apartment and ask if I can drive into the complex and she said do it quickly. So, I go out to my car and Ben comes running out to help me. We drive in and go to swipe into Groningen, only to discover that our swipe access is off! Oh no! What do we do?! I called public safety to report it, but of course they can’t come to Netherlands because I’ve driven into the complex!


          So we’re standing there and Ben sees and open common room window. What does he do?! He climbs in! AMAZING! I had no idea anyone could fit through those windows!!! Then he comes around and opens the door and we start caring stuff downstairs and loading it into my car. Then he backs my car out of the complex and we park it in front… AMAZING!


          Ben Co is a wonderful person! J

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