May 17th, 2005

First day of school

One more to go...

            Okay, so four finals down, one to go. I had management last week (waiting for the grade on that), and today I took BCIS (not bad, a few iffy questions), then economics (the whole last problem was AHHH!) and then I got EXCUSED from my oral communications final! I walked in and asked him if I should take it (I have an A in the class and I just had to hand in one more paper). So, I gave him the paper and he told me to leave, so I did. WOOHOO!


            I have marketing tomorrow, which shouldn’t be that bad and I’ve already been studying for it. After that – FREEDOM! WOOHOO!


            So for now, I study! J

First day of school

This one works...

Totally said my name should be Sam -- YES! :)

You scored as Sam, Allie or Alex, or Jackie. You are a tomboy. You are very athletic, kick ass at every sport u try, and don't care about your apperance that much. Your name should be Sam, Allie or Alex, or Jackie.


Sam, Allie or Alex, or Jackie


Ashley, Lindsey, Katie, Jessica




Mary, Liz, Ann, Jane


Amber, Shayna, Kelly, Tessie


What should ur name be? (girls)
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