May 1st, 2005

First day of school

It's Dutch Day!

            So, the Awesome 80’s prom was AWESOME! (Danielle rocks for inviting me!) I had tons of fun! After the RA banquet (which was not really a banquet because they only served ice cream… oy) I went over to Liberty/Republic and we all got dressed and all 80’sified. Then we headed into the city and had dinner at this cute Italian place (no idea what it was called, but it was yummy!) Afterwards we went to the prom! They had all your stereotypical high school characters including the head cheerleader, football hunk, druggie, foreign exchange students, drama majors, class presidents, nerds, etc… it was great! It was just like a real prom and you got to dance the night away to good music! We also got to vote for the prom king/queen (the nerds won… awww) All in all, a wonderful time! Also, Danielle took pictures which will some point be on the web, I just have no idea how to get them on here… I’ll have to work on that.


            Today is the Dutch festival too, which I was at before. They had a nice turnout this year (it wasn’t raining too and the sun came out – always a plus). After pep band I walked around for a bit and took yearbook pictures. And now I’m back in my room cleaning, getting work done and doing millions of random things. Just what Sundays are normally for. J

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