April 21st, 2005

First day of school

And Sam said, ye shall live in the NEXUS office...

Here I sit once again answering the phone, cleaning the office and printing out some homework. It’s a nice day outside too and I want to go play… well, it’s a bit chilly and windy, but I still want to play! FREEDOM!!! Or, I’ll just sit here quietly and do my work before I have to go to class… either one.

Polls close at 6pm and then we find out who wins around 7-7:30… I’ll have to post again later so all your readers out there in livejournal land can see who won. :) I really have no idea… it’s anyone’s guess.

Okay, that’s about it going on here. I shall return to my work before I have to go to oral communications in a few. Have a wonderful day all!
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