April 12th, 2005

First day of school

my life is in the yearbook office...

So, here I sit in the Nexus office answering the phone and taking care of senior portrait stuff. Always randomness... I handed in my pep band scholarship, figured out what time the basketball dinners are, wandered around student activities and read the newspaper. So far, a very productive day indeed.

I have economics class in a bit and we’re reviewing for our midterm on Thursday, then it’s back to the SGA office and yearbook office for more hours. Later on I have oral communications where I’ll be making my speech and then the senate meeting, staff meeting and work work work!

It’s a beautiful day out (a bit chilly) but I want to go play… maybe I should skip out on everything else I have to do and go to the beach... or maybe I’ll just go to class.
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