March 23rd, 2005

First day of school

freedom is coming!

So, spring break has officially started and I’m freeeeeee! It’s wonderful! Last night I watched some movies and got some sleep and today Jillian and I are going shopping for a bit. Tonight I’m on duty, so I’ll be watching some more movies in the RA office and then cleaning and packing. My life is very exciting indeed. :)
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First day of school

I have misplaced my stapler...

Three reasons why my trip to mall with Jillian was fun:

1. Jillian is totally hotter than M.B. (We saw him)
2. I bought really cool shoelaces (“Made in the 80s” and duckies!)
3. Jillian got her perfume from A&F (hot boys)

All in all, it was a very successful trip. I got everything on my list including “Finding Neverland” (Woohoo!) I also got the new Vanessa Carlton CD. It was nice to go shopping for a bit too.

Now here I sit in the RA office watching “Mona Lisa Smile” and doing management homework. After office hours there will be much packing and cleaning :)
First day of school

I <3 Rory

Snidget: i'm going to take over the world!!
SammiRo: can i help?
Snidget: sure, you want australia?
SammiRo: YES!
Snidget: what else do you want?
SammiRo: they have kangaroos!
Snidget: i call new zealand
SammiRo: hmm... portugal
Snidget: yours
Snidget: you can have all of europe
SammiRo: i can!?
Snidget: but u must let me visit
Snidget: yes
SammiRo: of course! you'll be visiting queen rory
SammiRo: do you want canada?
Snidget: i like it! queen rory, it has a ring to it
Snidget: i'll take canada
Snidget: what about asia?
Snidget: we can split that down the middle
SammiRo: yeah
Snidget: and antarctica as well
SammiRo: so cold
Snidget: yeah and there's really no one down there
SammiRo: true
Snidget: haha sweet
SammiRo: we're set
SammiRo: let taking over the world begin!
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