March 8th, 2005

First day of school

in bcis

So i'm sitting in bcis trying to pay attention and mr. matthew is sitting next to me looking up sport things... when the professor calls on him he knows the answer without even paying attention... what am i going to do with him? he's an old line that applies:

me: What am i going to do with you?
matt: love me! ::arms wide::
First day of school

snow snow snow...

Here’s the funny quote of the day:

“Hello, this is Nassau Community College, we have your Grandmother here…”

(Who would have thought that I would receive a phone call like that? Haha)

A bit of advice from Yaya too,
“Men are like street cars – if you miss one, you can catch another.”

Joey Naps and Jess are here because the snow is bad. It’s really messy out. Everything is cancelled though and I have no need to leave my room. I also stocked up on food. Let us all rejoice and enjoy the snow. :)
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