March 7th, 2005

First day of school

crazy pep banders...

            Well, haven’t updated in a few days… that’s because I was on a pep band adventure from Saturday at 4:30am until about 2:00am last night. We went to Virginia for the basketball tournament and it was fun. J Between the actually basketball game, running around the hotel (it was a nice hotel too – a Marriott), playing outside and eating all that food (COOKIES!) it was a great weekend. I also got to see Mike Wazowski, which isn’t his real name, but that pep band is calling him that now, so that’s fun. The only major problem that I had was that the bus kept breaking down on the way home, which wasn’t much fun at all. I kept waking up and thinking that we were home and we were just stuck somewhere… oy.


Anyway, some funny quotes:


Scott: I wonder whatever happened to the California raisins

Laura: I don't know.. I hope they're ok.

Scott:  That was really weird. :::shakes head:::

...thank goodness for "normal" seat partners...or at least ones who hate musicals as much as me. (That’s from Laura’s away message)


::Laura and I come down and see everyone cheering as the basketball team leaves::

Laura: I wonder if the pep band should be doing that too...

Me: Run!


Pep band guys playing football… enough said.


Mike: (to Shaun) Did you sleep well?

Shaun: Yeah, why?



Ryan’s Frisbee got stuck on the roof… so Steve found a ladder somewhere…


Motley: Those cows didn’t make it!


Me counting: 2, 4, 6, 8…

Whole pep band: WHO DO WE APPRIECAITE?! 


Sjms47: aaaaaaand

Sjms47: YOU LOSE


Sjms47: kthxbye


            A good weekend indeed.

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First day of school

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