January 31st, 2005

First day of school

i'm a red head... again

So, my hair is bright red and straight and it’s hot! :) Let me just say that I love Corinne and Amanda for helping me make it look that way. You guys rock!

The story goes like this: I bought a box of red hair dye and asked Corinne to put it on (she has just dyed Caroline’s hair and it looked great) so this evening we put it in, then sat around for 15 minutes while it sat. Then we washed it out in the sink in the laundry room – so picture this: me in my towel and pj pants with my head in the sink and Corinne washing out my hair. It was a funny picture. We decided that the new public safety brief would be like this:

RA in Groningen house Netherlands North seen running around the house in a towel with dripping wet hair. She was chasing a girl in ducky pajamas.

It was great fun. :) Anyway, I must go get some work done and crash. First my message:

Happy Birthday Christine! I love you and miss you!

Dream well all!
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