January 27th, 2005

First day of school

Rock on all...

Today wasn’t bad, a bit long, but my classes are fun. However, I was convinced for most of the day that it was Thursday, so that wasn’t good. Marketing is a good class (he was sick and let us out early) and I have a lot of friends in there. That’ll be fun. My management class is mostly guys, so that was a bit scary, but I’m sure I’ll adjust to it. Tomorrow I have BCIS, Eco 2 and SPCM, so that shouldn’t be too bad. I have to buy another book and I have yearbook stuff to do too – always so much to do!

Tonight was crazy with our floor meeting, but I love my residents. :) I also got to have dinner with Dave and hang out with Maria for a bit. It was an exciting evening. Our room was full of people too (including Alex – he hung out for a bit) and Dan came to visit to show me his new haircut. It was exciting indeed.

I still have tons of stuff to do and I need to collapse at some point. I hope everyone had a wonderful day and is looking forward to the weekend! Rock on all...
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