January 23rd, 2005

First day of school

I <3 snow :)

Tonight was SO MUCH FUN! First Kelly invited us to dinner at her apartment, where Santino made delicious pasta with vodka sauce… yummy yummy! So we’re all sitting there and someone comes up with the idea to challenge Netherlands South to a snowball fight. We called them and they said that they were eating dinner so give them about half an hour. Well, little did we know that in that half an hour they completely covered Kelly’s door in snow – it was so funny! Once we dug out we started the fight… basically we got our butts whooped. But, we had tons of fun in the process.

So after the snowball war we helped a car stuck in the snow and then decided to go and fight other buildings. We walked over the towers, but that didn’t work out that well (No one was home, and the RDs that we found, weren’t that shocked) So we buried the RD of C-square West and then hit Nassau/Suffolk. They came out and were totally surprised, it was great. We stopped inside for a few and I think we’re going to go play football with them tomorrow night. Then we returned back to Netherlands (to change and dry off) and went over to Steve’s apartment to drink hot chocolate and play Trivia Pursuit. It was a wonderful night :)

I love snow :) hope you all had a wonderful night!
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