January 10th, 2005

First day of school

Back from the beach in Puerto Rico...

So, I got back from Puerto Rico late last night and I now resemble a fire truck. I don’t really tan well, I just turn bright red. I’ll be red for about a week and then for that one day I’ll have a perfect tan. Of course, knowing my luck no one will see me on that day. Oh well. Back to my story:

We left Thursday morning at 5am and got to the airport to discover that they thought we had the night before, which clearly wasn’t true. So we fixed that and got through security and all that fun stuff. The plane ride wasn’t that awful because I slept through most of it, but we all had the inside seats, which were a bit snug. The woman next to me also had a boob purse (one of those purses that was a corset… it kept touching me… ewww) Anyway, we got to Puerto Rico to find sunny skies and about 85 degrees weather… it was heaven. We had a room on the 18th floor with a view of the pool and beach.

The next four days basically consisted of me sitting by the pool and the beach reading and/or sleeping. I found I liked sitting by the pool better just because I wasn’t having sand blown in my face the whole time. It was rather windy and we had a few mini-rain storms, but otherwise it was wonderful. We walked around and I bought some souvenirs and every day we went to Gelato place and tried at least three flavors. Every night we had dinner, played cards and then sat around. We also watched part of Napoleon Dynamite before the TV cable thing went out. It was a wonderful vacation and I want to go back.

The plane ride back was interesting… we left the hotel at 4:15 (the plane was supposed to be at 6:20) and the moment we left the skies opened and our crazy cab driver was almost hit and almost hit stuff… oy, not good. So we finally got to the airport to find out that our plane was delayed until 6:50. Well, we sat around, ate food, and played video games, nothing that major. We finally got on the plane and once again had all the inside seats. This time I was sitting next to some sleepy older guy and my Dad. However, when my Dad got up to use the rest room the guy next to him (some big black guy) was asking me about my crocheting (that’s what I was doing) and wanted me to teach him… strange indeed. We ended up landing at about 9:45, but couldn’t get off the plane until 10:20ish because of parking or something… ugh! I was so antsy! We drove Chuck back to Jersey City and then I came home and collapsed. Always fun.

I refused to do any work (no cell phone, no checking e-mail, etc.) which totally caught up with me when I got home last night, but oh well. Today I need to go to school to get the rest of my books, get my new keys, pick up a copy of my transcript and a million other things. Tonight we have a pep band event, which should be short.

So, have a lovely day ladies and gents. :)
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