December 25th, 2004

First day of school

Merry Everything!

We’re going to steal sections of this from Chuck’s live journal because he is my brother and went through the same events:

So, here’s our Christmas Eve for you: We had ham and latkas for dinner (oh yes, combining the religions right there… basically we had to be bribed to eat the ham by my mother making latkas) Mind you at this point I was still on plain food, so I had some plain pasta and one latkas (I escaped eating the ham… yes!)

Then we played Trivial Pursuit (kids versus adults, and my parents won, but not by much) Then Dad and I went driving around looking at lights/decorations to count what were the most popular this year (light up reindeers and blow-up “tradition” figures including Santa and snowmen won) This was followed by some quality time in front of the television and then retiring to be so “Santa” could come.

This morning I awoke to find lots of gifts under the tree (by the way, all the gifts were wrapped in Hanukkah wrapping paper) I got the Saved By the Bell DVD (season 2 and 3), three art kids, some jewelry pliers, four bracelets and an anklet, a Hofstra jacket and warm up pants, the s’mores wizard (ohhh, ahhh – it’s nifty!) a car safety kit, a first aid kit, some gift cards, the Brooklyn soundtrack, and a few other things that I can’t remember.

Here’s the best quote of the morning (while Chuck and I were opening our stocking gifts)
Sammi: “I got ‘ice be gone’ spray for the car!”
Chuck: “I got a shoe shine kit!”
Sammi: “You know you’ve lost the magic of Christmas when you get gifts that are really useful.”

Now I’m going to do some random stuff before dinner and my aunt and uncle’s house. I’m on duty tonight too (I wanted to be, so don’t feel bad) so I can watch all my new DVDs and such.

So, Merry Everything to you and yours! :)
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