December 15th, 2004

First day of school

Scott lives under my bed...

SammiRo: what?
SammiRo: okay!
SammiRo: you only live across the hall and have a room under my bed
SammiRo: you're never really here scott
SammiRo: you need to spend more time over here
Sjms4: are you implying that i don’t show my face often enough??
SammiRo: yes, that's exactly what i'm saying
Sjms4: girl, don’t make statements that you’re not willing to live up to
Sjms4: cause this face
Sjms4: this face
Sjms4: MY FACE
Sjms4: it will be all over there if that’s what you want
SammiRo: you're always over here if i want your face or not
Sjms4: HARSH!
SammiRo: i know lol
SammiRo: i'm such a mean person

My residents crack me up…

Three finals down, three to go. Intersession is right around the corner… woohoo!
First day of school

Finals drive me crazy...

I must join the group and list my goals for winter break (Jill and Christine already did it, but I should list my stuff too so I can get stuff done). Basically I have about a million little things to get done over this break. So here we go:

1. Read for fun (I have two Mary Higgins Clark books that I can’t wait to start!)
2. Spend time with my friends
3. Make bracelets for Jay (Big Sexy), Obu, Val, and myself.
4. Figure out what I’m doing this summer (CTY, Travel aboard… who knows?)
5. See as many plays as I can :)
6. Learn to use my video camera and make a movie
7. Get my new books for next semester (and don’t spend an arm and a leg)
8. Make my new scrapbook
9. Make new door tags for my house (“Gaming at Groningen” theme again… nothing else works with Groningen)
10. Finish crocheting my scarf
11. Go to the movies more (I’ve been to the movies twice since school started)
12. Have a girlie night (or several)
13. Finally catch up on my sleep (or try)
14. Relax a bit

I’m sure that there are tons more things that I have to get done, but I can’t think of them right now. I should be studying for sociology and I plan to in a little while… I’m just sick of studying… ewwwww.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and finals are almost over. So, back to studying for me! Have a lovely night ladies and gents! :)
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