December 13th, 2004

First day of school

update from a finals crazed student...

Okay, so the stress of finals is finally getting to me and I do believe that I’ve cracked. I’m up to the point now where I can’t seem to remember anything, which is never good. I spent the day studying by myself and with the oddest array of people, including Joe, Jess, Adam, Ty, and Danielle. I also ran into a few random people, which is always exciting. I can’t wait until this week is over… let the countdown being.

On another note, David is trying to create the soundtrack to his life. He posed the question in his profile and people have been sending him songs that represent him. So, here is my question to all those out there in computer land, what song(s) remind you of me? Drop me a line and let me know… I’m curious about the results.

Now I’m going to go study some more economics for a few and then collapse so I can get up early and go over everything again. I’m crazy, I admit it…

Goodnight and dream well to all those out there, and good luck to everyone who has finals!
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