December 3rd, 2004

First day of school

Ahhh, crazy Hofstra kids...

Hola everyone out there in computer land! I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday evening (and the weekend is finally here – YES!!!) Right now I’m sitting in the RA office covering an hour or so for Janine (she needed to run the errands) so 15 people have come in to ask for their mail. One guy came in 5 times, I just laughed at mine. I got some mail though – Mommy sent me 6 birthday cards! I love it! They were all addressed to Ms. Sammi Rozakis (age 20). My Mommy rocks!

Anyway, yesterday was a completely crazy day. Besides the normal three classes in a row (QM, Sociology, and Economics) I then sat in the yearbook office for an hour (well, I really ran back and forth to Student Activities for an hour) and then played in Sinterklass with the pep band. For all of you who don’t know, Sinterklass is the Hofstra holiday celebration where they light the big tree and turn the back of the cafeteria into a holiday scene. It’s fun, but quite chilly. Then I ran some random errands, checked the mail and such. I ran back to my room, showered, and then we to the staff Holiday party, which was tons of fun! We all exchanged gifts (I got some pictures frames from Janine and Vanessa, “Love Actually” from Joyce, and Shrek playing cards from Alex) Then we played our staff trivia game created by Vanessa and Ben. Jeff and I were together and it was just sad. We had to cheat to get some right… so sad indeed. But, it was still tons of fun and there was sooooooo much food! I loved it! :)

Today wasn’t that bad – it was my last Friday of classes and I had Ethics and sculpture. Quite fun. Then I went back to my room and cleaned up and did some work. And now here I am in the office before the Phi Eta Sigma bowl-a-thon tonight. That should be fun.

Otherwise all is quiet in my life. I have four more days of classes and then finals madness begins! AHHHH! But, it’ll all be over soon.

So, have a lovely evening ladies and gents, and I’ll talk to you soon!
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