December 1st, 2004

First day of school

ahhh.. being an RA is fun...


I’m done now. It has been one CRAZY day! QM (he went on and on), Sociology (he cancelled our test, but gave us an article to read from the New Yorker), Economics (he went on and on and on… taught right up until the end of class, I don’t think he’s ever done that), running back to the room to eat and answer my e-mails, met Denise and got my paper work and dealt with pep band stuff, RA class (the most boring speech man ever!) then into the RA office on duty all night! That was fun! Mommy came and brought me stuff so I don’t have to go home, everyone came to visit me and I wrote my RA paper on alcohol. Then I did my first set of rounds and that took about 45 minutes, until I got a phone call to come back and settle a roommate conflict… oy. At least I got them to talk it out, who knows if they’ll keep it up. In the middle of this Motley called and yelled at me because Denise is all upset that we don’t have enough people for tomorrow… ugh!!! So then I did my second round, got back to the room (finally!) and started doing work. I got all my paperwork filled out for our program this month and now I’m finishing proof reading my Ethics journals. I need some rest… I’m totally insane.

Random side notes that made me smile:

datflyprincess: thank u so much for being there for me
datflyprincess: love ya

batgirl is best: I <3 Sammi :-)

Also, I loved how everyone put the survey in their live journal… you guys rock! :)