November 15th, 2004

First day of school


My day was pretty awful for all those who read my away message this morning. Basically, we had a fire drill this morning (that wasn’t a drill) and I ended up going outside in my towel. Since it wasn’t planned, we had to stay out of the building for about 15 minutes… that was not cool at all. I also have no idea why the alarm went off.

My class wasn’t bad, but I’ve been studying and doing so much work that my brain hurts. I’m just tired and need a break, but I can’t take one because I have too much to deal with. And somehow when I went to study in Hammer I ran into Mike from pep band and ended up teaching him Economics. I totally just handed out my review sheet that I worked so hard on… I need to learn to say no. Ugh. I’m totally in over my head… oy. I hate stress.

However, on a positive note, I did get a few IMs to cheer me up. Here are two of them:

Sweetyq: u are hot
Sweetyq: i thought u should know
Sweetyq: its bonnie
Sweetyq: and i like u a lot
Sweetyq: OH BABY
Sweetyq: u are the hottest ro around
Sweetyq: i mean ra
Sweetyq: they should call u hot sammi
Sweetyq: steamy sammi
Sweetyq: sexysami
Sweetyq: sam-a-dammit i'm hot
Sweetyq: yeah that’s rite
Sweetyq: they should call you sammy double wammy
Sweetyq: enza agrees
Sweetyq: oh baby
Sweetyq: hotness

Aleggs11: you are a savior, jesus has nothing on you

Also, Jason is amazing and somehow (I have yet to figure this out) got an ice cream sundae delivered to me in Hammer lab while I was studying for Economics. I’m still trying to figure that one out…

Okay, I’m done ranting now. I hope everyone else had a better day and I’m hoping things will get better. Have a great night all.
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