November 7th, 2004

First day of school

soccer mom for a day....

Okay, I’m just sitting here and figured I’d update my journal because it’s been a few days and I’ve been told that people are reading this. So, let’s see… today I acted out the future that many people said I should have. I babysat this morning and had to take the kids to soccer. Wow, let’s just say that getting a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old ready to go out isn’t easy. Then of course we drove the mini-van (the woman I sit for left me her care because I don’t have car seats) So, I drove the mini-van to the park and got the kids to soccer. Ian got board after about 5 minutes and kept coming over saying, “Sammi! I’m tired… I need to rest!” While all this was going on, Amy kept spinning around and falling over… oh the joys of being a child!

I just saw “The Incredibles” too. It was very cute, but for some reason, I couldn’t sit still. I’ve lost the ability to sit still for long periods of time… that could pose a problem for long classes now couldn’t it? Speaking of long classes, I get to register tomorrow night at midnight – that should be an adventure. I’m sure I’ll update this after I register.

Oh well, ladies and germs, I’m going to end this entry with a piece of a convocation with Jillian. This is a bit old, but still cracks me up. It’s referring to Jason getting me tickets for my birthday gift:

DalerGal: lol well tickets for nething usually makes Sammi happy
DalerGal: They could be to the state fair and u'd be like "oooooo.... will they have cookies?!"
DalerGal: lol
SammiRo: haha! so true

Dream well everyone. :)