October 29th, 2004

First day of school

I love broadway....

Okay, first of all, “Brooklyn” was an AMAZING show! Jason and I went and it was fantastic. I loved the sets (looked like Rent), costumes (all made out of garbage – awesome!) and singing (oh my goodness!) I bought a poster too and after the show I got the whole cast to sign it! Mind you it’s a cast of five people, but still! How awesome is that? Hehe… we went to dinner at this place called “Sam’s” – so cute! It was Broadway themed too. Jason knows me too well.

Anyway, I’m excited for this weekend because I get to be a hermit for a little bit! (I’m going to hide out and do some work… not that exciting, but I haven’t been able to do that in a long time) I’m going home too, something I haven’t done in about four weeks. That’s totally insane I tell you!

So, now I’m on a Broadway high and I must crash because I have two classes tomorrow (Ethics and sculpture) So, to everyone out there in live journal land, I wish you all a happy night and a wonderful Friday!

Here’s a note from Emma that made me smile:

PUNKISHFAERY: my poem is my declaration of love!!!!!
Auto response from SammiRo10: Sleeping, leave a message.
Or a poem.
Or a declaration of love.
You know, whatever.
PUNKISHFAERY: dear sammi:
PUNKISHFAERY: i need you
PUNKISHFAERY: i cant live with out you
PUNKISHFAERY: thank you for being so effin cool
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First day of school

Important things to learn on Friday...

I’ve learned a few important things tonight:

1. Always make sure you have plenty of tape when wrapping holidays gifts… you could end up using duct tape, which isn’t attractive.
2. Keep all hole punchers away from Scott (he could try to punch holes in such items as your shirt, your pumpkin, or your skateboard.)
3. Boy Meets World rocks my socks.
4. I should clean out my food supply more often because I find lovely surprises (i.e.: chocolate)
5. Scott says “always change your socks, two times a day because… then you’re happy.” (My residents are so smart, can’t you tell?)
6. Don’t let anyone ride my skateboard, especially in the house. The consequences could be dangerous to everyone’s health.
7. Facebook is evil and addicting.
8. I also love DDR… so much that I’m going to go play some right now before I collapse in a heap.

Happy Friday everyone!

P.S. Scott says my tuba is bigger than my face... which is true. That's just sad
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