October 27th, 2004

First day of school

I really should be sleeping...

Just a few random thoughts:

I commented on Christine’s live journal before and what I said was true…She was talking about how she doesn’t know what’s going on and why she’s so upset with grades and such. I responded:

“I have no idea what makes you really happy, but I just want you to know that your friends love you and will always love you. We will always help you when you need it and run to your side when you call. No matter if you fail or succeed, we will be there. So, don't worry so much about your tests and knowledge, because in the end the only things that really matter will be there no matter what your grades are. :)”

To which she said, “hidden among the pressure and the overwhelming feeling of impending doom, I have to say I *heart* Sammi for what she said. . . .”

Just have to tell you, I miss my friends more than I can ever express. It’s much worse this year because we had such a great summer. To all you guys – I love you more than you will ever know, and I will always be there for you whenever you need me.

On another random note: here’s a funny IM I got today:

urafatdog: it’s 7:59 do u know where ur residents are?

Haha… good stuff. Anyway, I need to go crash because tomorrow is crazy – babysitting, running to the library, pathmark, then new RA interviews, then our scary movie night. I have to do some homework at some point too. Always craziness. So, ladies and gents, have a wonderful evening and dream well.
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First day of school

Why I Love David...

This was on my away message when I woke up:

Kymermosst: Ah, mi Samuela! Ten mucho cookies, y mucho dientes. Besos y abrazos a mi Samuela!
Auto response from SammiRo10: Sleeping, leave a message.
Or a poem.
Or a declaration of love.
You know, whatever.
Kymermosst: I don't remember Spanish grammar at all, so I think that might actually be totally incomprehensible...But I just thought I'd leave you something for the morning. Much love to the cookies!

Which translates to:

"Oh, my Samuela! Have a lot of cookies, and a lot of teeth. Kisses and hugs to my Samuela!"

Haha! :)
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