October 22nd, 2004

First day of school

Preheated Chinese food is good...

Ahhh, gotta love Friday. :) (Mind you I had a midterm this morning, but oh well!) I’m going to sculpture in a bit, and I get to sand and paint my plaster abstract figure. Then I come back, pack some random stuff and I’m off to New Hampshire with the pep band. I’m excited because this is our first (and last) overnight trip. It’ll be fun no matter what – we always have fun! (I’m also sitting next to Dan, so that’s good)

I have so much random stuff to get done it’s not even funny. Between RA work, school work, pep band stuff and everyday Sammi things, my life is hectic as usual. (But then again, I also have a lot to do, so that’s nothing new) Next week is Freak Week so there are millions of things going on – including our Scary Movie Night (ohhh… ahhh!) Or “Boo! Ahhh!” Who was that an inside joke with? That’s so sad that I can’t remember… I think it was Andrea. If you know, drop me a line to remind me :)

Anyway, I must be off to my art class to make pretty things and get messy. I wish everyone a happy weekend and I’ll be back on Sunday!

Leaving you with a bit of advice from Dan:
Stradivarious: well heres a little piece of advice
SammiRo: okay
Stradivarious: if u think ur sexy u become sexier
SammiRo: haha
Stradivarious: *words of wisdom dont ever forget it
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