October 21st, 2004

First day of school

I <3 Boy Meets World

Well, I’ve survived my QM exam. (Mind you I have no idea what I got, but I survived it, so there we go) We also got out of economics 20 minutes early – that was fabulous. No more classes today, but I have my ethics midterm and my sculpture class, and then we’re off to New Hampshire! Woo! Of course I went to get the van key today and we can’t get a van, so we’re using cars. I also have to have a talk with Brad about him telling the van people that we hate them… arg!

Now I’m sitting here working on my Ethics paper and my RA class midterm paper thing and watching “Boy Meets World.” Who doesn’t love this show? I mean, I know it got a bit dumb when they hit the college years, but I love the early ones. Last night was fun, and I got this nifty Phi Eta Sigma necklace charm and t-shirt. Then Ty and I studied the night away in hammer lab and learned all of QM in about four and a half hours… that was fun.

Tonight I’m going to go over to the Newsday Marching band festival and cheer on FHS. I want to see how the routine looks too (and I have the video camera to tape it for Derek) I’m sure I’ll be cold, but it’ll be fun. I’m dragging Scott with me too, so that should be fun.

Anyway, I should be getting back to my work. I just have to comment that I love this live journal thing. Here’s one reason why I started it:

Xx SomethingPunk: sammi im glad you have a live journal.
SammiRo10: it's fun! i love it
Xx SomethingPunk: it made me happy after a bad night.

Have a lovely day everyone :)
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