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01 December 2016 @ 09:32 pm

Bill and I went to the Newport News Park Light show this evening. We played Christmas music and looked at pretty lights! A fun time for all!
30 November 2016 @ 07:49 pm
Bill told me that there was a gift under my pillow. I went upstairs and saw the pillow on a silly spot... totally missed the tv.

29 November 2016 @ 10:11 pm
27 November 2016 @ 07:38 pm
This afternoon we went to the Hampton Coliseum and saw Disney on Ice! This was my first time at the Coliseum and while it isn't that big, it is a nice place. The show was adorable and featured a variety of characters and story and was adorable! A great way to spend an afternoon.

24 November 2016 @ 09:42 am
24 November 2016 @ 08:53 am
24 November 2016 @ 01:10 am
I love them!

23 November 2016 @ 11:17 pm
I got in last night (and actually made both my planes!)

Got a bit of sleep this morning and then we set the table and packed for Vietnam. This afternoon we headed into the city for adventures!

I am now the proud owner of two new pairs of Crocs, one of which light up! We saw two shows - "Love love love" and "Thr Babylon Line". Both interesting. We saw the oragami tree at the Natural History Museum. We saw the Macy's balloons! And, we had a delicious dinner. A wonderful day indeed.
21 November 2016 @ 11:28 pm
Tonight we went to the Ferguson Center to see the 20th anniversary of Rent. It was a wonderful cast (very talented) and the show was as great as I remember it!